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We are innovators and entrepreneurs just like you. Our passion is creating and helping small businesses make a difference in the world. We are a small family business with a growing network of small business owners who offer services and collaborate with other entrepreneurs to help each other compete against large corporations. Get in touch and join our community of entrepreneurs.

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Our Team Leaders

Patti Jewel

CIA (Chief Ingenuity Activist) & Digital Specialist

Patti has been a serial entrepreneur for 25 years and has had many successes and failures, which keeps her grounded. She believes that failures are the key to true success as the experience creates growth for those who get back up.

Patti owns a web design and online marketing agency, several online media companies including FloridaSmart.com and HolidaySmart.com, a skincare product line, and she manages an internship program giving students the opportunity to gain experience and learn in real-world online media environments. She is an activist for entrepreneurs, net neutrality, single moms, and the worlds beaches.

Sam Tarell

Divergent Thinking Business Consultant

Sam has been an entrepreneur since the age of 17 when he took his idea for helping basketball players with highlight videos, and grew it into a full recruiting company that has helped over 7,000 players.

Sam is the CEO and founder of Hoop Brothers and Divergent-U and is an activist for Divergent Learning and helping people overcome obstacles for living the life they desire. He is an expert on Business Culture and Communications and brings new life to businesses and their employees. He is an inspirational role model and influencer who lifts up a room when he walks in with his positive energy and excitement for personal and business growth in people.


Book Editor, Senior Website Editor

Cortney is the Senior Editorial Manager of FloridaSmart.com and HolidaySmart.com, where she loves inspiring and empowering writers, journalists, communications students and graduates, and other artists. She only takes 1-2 book editing clients per month in addition to her online editing so that she can give each the attention they need. Her editing standards help writers learn and grow.

Cortney graduated Cum laude from Jacksonville University where she was the assistant editor of the Aquarian Literary and Arts Magazine. Apart from her University education, Cortney has extensive experience in International Communications and Media.

Her love of books inspires everyone who knows her to want to read more and her love for writing inspires writers of all ages to pursue their writing passion.



Music Production, Website UI Design Specialist

Tiger brings a creative vision in his music production and out of the box website design. His music productions are featured on spoken word artists and professional business productions. Tiger is also an entrepreneur with his own game The Balance of Gaia, and is a lover of nature. 


Videographer, Video Editor, Producer

Matthew has been studying movie direction and production from a very young age and has a passion for movies and film. He is a creative producer and video editor with his own production company and several Youtube channels. He has an eye for creative and professional production and will showcase your brand, product, service, or book with a professional style that fits your style and industry.

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