Mass Distribution Shoutout Campaign

Advertise Your Website Across The Internet on High Traffic Blogs, Video Sites, Podcast Sites, SlideShare, News Sites Like USAToday & Google News and more

Your brand image and recognition is vital to the trust people have in you. We help you gain that trust with positive branding across multiple platforms to build the exposure that showcases your expertise. Google Loves Brands! By creating brand recognition across the web increases your ranking on google.

The Shoutout Campaign

Mass Media Distribution to over 400 major authority sites across the internet in all the top mediums: audio, video, slideshows, blog articles, news articles and more.

This type of distribution drives traffic from multiple sources including YouTube, Google, News Sites, Podcast directories and more.

Each campaign creates a marketing focus, such as your basic business homepage, or a special, book release, product, service, or any focus your business needs, to bring more visibility and more clicks and clients.

Build credibility, grow your influence, and improve Google favorability.

One campaign blasts your brand out, multiple campaigns build your online presence for massive attention and clicks.

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Mass Media Promotions

+ PR article with keywords/locality focus
+ published on 400+ media sites
+ published to NBC, ABC, FOX and USA Today affiliates, Google News,, Video channels, podcasts and more

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