Online Marketing & Branding

Branding that Creates Trust

Your brand image and recognition is vital to the trust people have in you. We help you gain that trust with positive branding across multiple platforms to build the exposure that showcases your expertise. Google Loves Brands! By creating brand recognition across the web increases your ranking on google.

Mass Distribution

In every Mass Media Shoutout Distribution campaign we create 400+ digital assets across major authority sites all over the internet as audio, slideshows, blog articles, news articles and more.

This type of distribution drives traffic from multiple sources including YouTube, Google, News Sites, Podcast directories and more.

Each campaign creates a marketing focus, such as your basic business homepage, or a special, book release, product, service, or any focus your business needs, to bring more visibility and more clients.

Every word is carefully crafted to create a story, share expertise or describe a product or service and uses SEO strategies to maintain the integrity of your business while  promoting your content in a Google and Search Engine friendly manner.

Expand Your Reach

Mass Distribution

+ 1 article focus

+ published to 400+ media sites

+ Published to NBC, ABC, FOX and USA Today affiliates

+ Includes Google News and

Optimized Content and Social Media

Content Marketing
Your business has a story to tell, information to convey, knowledge to share. Content sharing should be a top priority of your website. Good content can help you stand out above the rest. Sharing knowledge can show your expertise above your competitors.

Social Media Marketing
Social Media is the fastest growing segment in the digital world. And so many people rely on it to find everything they need from news, to information, to companies. Your business can grow exponentially if you utilize social media and manage the platforms with good engagement, active postings and daily management.

SEO Content & Social Media Marketing Package

+ 1 article per month

+ social posts 2x per week

+ posts to 3 platforms (Instagram, Facebook, and your choice of 1 additional platform)

Social Media Marketing Add-Ons

+ 2-3 hours weekly Engagement

+ 2 Social Media Videos per month

Video Marketing

Videos have become essential for showcasing your expertise, services and products. Whether you need a commercial type video, a personalized professional video, an interview style video, a video series, or short social media videos, our team makes you look good with professional videos at affordable prices.

Video Marketing

+ Youtube/Vimeo Video

+ Video Editing 2-4 minute video (client supplies video and image clips)

+ Videography / Production – on location videography services

Photography, Photo Editing & Graphics

We live in a visual world and the graphics and photos you use on your website, social media, marketing materials, book covers and other media, showcases your professionalism to the world. We can help make you more visual.

Photo & Graphics

+ Photo editing – optimizing photo for website or social media

+ Photography Shoots – on location 1/2 day minimum

+ Graphic Design & Logos – starting at $99

Ad Campaigns

Google Ads and Social Media Campaigns, if properly run and managed, can bring more clicks and notability. We save you time and money with our expertly managed campaigns.

Ad Campaigns

Professionally managed, keyword optimized ad campaigns across multiple platforms

Cost Structure 

$1,000 base fee
+ 10% of spend (Ad spend up to $5,000)
+ 8% of spend (Ad spend above $5,000)

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Marketing Services & Packages

We do not just produce content for search engines. We create content that retains visitors and turns them into clients. Our goal is to write for people, then optimize for search engines. In todays mass media world, it is not enough to simply write a bunch of content on your own website. In order to get any rankings on google, you need to have your content spread out across multiple platforms and be active and engaging.

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Mass Media Promotions

+ PR article with keywords/locality focus
+ published on 400+ media sites
+ published to NBC, ABC, FOX and USA Today affiliates, Google News,, Video channels, podcasts and more

SEO Content & Social Media Marketing Package

+ 1 article per month
+ social posts 2x per week
+ posts to 3 platforms (Instagram, Facebook, and your choice of 1 additional platform)
+ 2 short video posts per month
+ 1 instagram story per month

Video Marketing Services

+ Youtube / Vimeo Video
+ Video Editing 2-4 minute video (client supplies content)
+ Videography / Production - on location videography services

When you submit payment, our digital specialist will be in touch to plan and strategize your marketing to focus on products, services and localities that will bring more clients and grow your business.

Get started and grow your influence and increase your exposure and reach.

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