Spark Days

Here are some reasons to celebrate! Some of these holidays were created by our team and others we just want to help promote. Celebrate these days that show appreciations and awareness, positivity and unity.

Ingenuity Month


Celebrate Ingenuity Month and make a plan this month to turn your ideas into action.

Set Goals Day

January 5th

Set Goals Day is a day to be reminded to follow through on setting a goal list for the year if you haven’t done it already. 

Successful Failures Day

March 24th

Celebrate Successful Failures Day by celebrating your failures, because as every entrepreneur knows, failures are part of becoming successful. Today is the day to appreciate those failures and keep moving toward successes.

Decide Day

February 29th

Decide Day is a reminder that the first step in success is making a choice. Today is the day to Decide to move forward on any task you have been putting off. 

Live Your Passion Day

November 14th

Celebrate today by starting to live by your passion and taking a chance on your dreams. 

Minority Entrepreneur Day

January 29th

Celebrate the minority entrepreneurs today and support them by using their services and shopping their products. 

Single Mom Entrepreneur Day

June 30th

Celebrate those who have 2 of the most time-consuming jobs, being a single mom and being an entrepreneur. Single Mom Entrepreneur Day is a day to celebrate those single moms who are working hard day and night building their business and raising their kids.

Be a Leader Day

July 7th

Celebrate the leader in you! Step up and share your expertise and leadership advise today. 

Start a Business Day

July 8th

Today is the day to make it official! Start your business today. 

Innovate & Build Day

October 1st

Celebrate your innovations today and build your ideas. 

Web Designer Day

May 31st

Celebrate those who make your brand look amazing to the world and keeps your online presence professional. 

Programmers Day

September 11th

Celebrate your programmer today and share your appreciation for their unique skills. 

Graphic Designer Day

October 21st

Celebrate your graphic designer today and show appreciation for their creative talent. 

Filmmaker Day

May 14th

Celebrate Filmmaker Day and show appreciation to the filmmakers who are just getting started, and who knows, maybe they will be the next George Lucas, who this day is dedicated to on his birthday. 

Movie Director Day

September 28th

Celebrate your favorite movie director and be sure to appreciate the smaller movie makers. Today is the day to shout out your favorite movie director. 

Creativity Day

May 31st

Celebrate your creativity today and spend time being creative. 

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