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One on One Consultations

Work with entrepreneurial experts and jump start your business with advise from entrepreneurial leaders in our team.

We offer affordable packages to help you get the most out of your time. Our consultations work with you on everything from pre-startup, early stage, financing, creating online presence based on your industry including where to sell or promote, and emotional and psychological support to help you stay focused on your goals and get through obstacles and limitations that might try to stop you. 

Business coaching is the best way to eliminate problems, get help where needed and take your business idea to the next level.  

Internship Opportunities

If you are looking to gain insight and experience and would like the opportunity for free mentorship, we also offer an Internship with The Smart Sites. This program is available for a select few for those looking to gain more experience in writing, marketing and digital media.

Who We Are

We are not a big consultation company, we are a small family owned business of entrepreneurs who have experience in starting from the ground up with no financial backing. We work with start up entrepreneurs and small business owners who are challenged financially or have other limitations, and looking for ways to grow. 

What we bring to the table is experience, assistance and connections. Our consultants have deep experience in Start up Requirements, Building a Business Presence and Brand, Online Markeing, Finance, Networking, Communications, Publishing, Editorial, and Personal Growth as an Entrepreneur.

Consulting Packages 

Designed for Pre-startup, early startups and businesses needing to revitalize and grow

Spark Entrepreneurial Package Includes

One-on-one consulting with our experts

  • Consult with Entrepreneur Coach, Patti Jewel, who is an expert in start-up branding, online marketing, publishing, editorial and selling products online.
  • Editorial & Content Consulting 
  • Life Coach, Financial Advisor, Marketing consultant or other business consultant depending on you, your business and your needs. We have a team of coaches who are ready to step in and help you achieve your goals.

Why this is included: When you are starting a small business or looking to revitalize or take it to the next level, getting the right advise and working with someone who has made the mistakes and can help avoid those mistakes, can save you 1000’s of hours of time and money.

We don’t just assign a random consultant to you. We set up a schedule for you to consult with several different consultants or a main consultant who can help you with your specific needs.

Coaching includes 8 one-on-one sessions, 30-40 minutes each. 

Expert Marketing Assistance

Help where you need it with 30 hours of marketing expertise working for you in the areas needed:

  • Content writing 
  • Web design 
  • Graphics & photo editing
  • Social media assistance
  • Online marketing / Ad campaigns 

Why this is included: Every small business needs help in this area, whether it is with your website, graphics, setting up social media schedules, setting up online ad campaigns, or adding really good professionally written content that is designed to get clicks and clients. You choose where you want us to help and we’ll get it done.

The most crucial element of any startup is getting the word out. Our marketing assistance will help you get your business noticed.

Online Branding Evaluation

  • Marketing Research with online competitor analysis
  • Platform Recommendations or Analysis of existing: Website, social media
  • Editorial and publishing industry specific recommendations
  • Keyword recommendations and ad campaign costs
  • Financial guidelines and recommendations for your budget and industry

Why this is included: The number one way to understand your clients is to do your research on your competitors and on the current market for your product or service. And understanding the keywords that people are searching for and where they are searching, are critical to putting your business on the right platforms and being found.

This is particularly important if you are trying to bring on a working or financial partner and is a crucial element to your business plan.

We put together a complete report to help you know and understand your marketplace.


Mass Media Shout-out Campaign

  • Mass Media Shout-out promotion one time shout out to get the word out and jump start your online presence
  • Includes spreading content on 400+ digital assets and media sites to build credibility and favor with google.
  • We create the content and publish it across the web

Why this is included: Mass Media exposure is what every new business, new project, new book, and anyone wanting to gain exposure needs. This jumpstarts your exposure across the web.

This crucial exposure includes a one time mass media shout-out. This type of campaign is something we do for businesses on a monthly basis to build exposure and google rankings consistently over time.

Spark Your Passion and Create Your Future

Launch a Business without making all the common mistakes and with the help you need to get it off the ground

When you sign up, your first call will be with a team leader to discuss your goals and your challenges to set up your 8 week schedule.


Our Spark Packages are intended as a 8 week kickstart program. Entrepreneurial Consulting package is customized for your business needs. You will receive a call each week to work with the focus of the week and to keep you on track.

Why us

We understand what it takes to get your business setup and growing. With COVID, many startups and entrepreneurs are hesitant to spend the money to get started. But NOW is the best time to get started in your own business or to work on taking your existing business to the next level.

The price you pay for our services are much less than you will pay with separate services for just the marketing services alone. We include one-on-one consulting because we understand that marketing services alone is most often not enough to launch a new business, book or project. 

More affordable than a semester at college! And unlike some courses, we are here for one-on-one support by phone, zoom, email or chat.  We are here to help give you a head start.

Not only are we experts at starting companies, we are digital marketing experts with a full digital agency. We know how to help your business gain traction right from the start.

Join our community and change your life.

What are you waiting for?

For less money then a semester at a university, less money than you will pay for the marketing services alone, you can get your business off the ground with an expert marketing team and one-on-one consulting to help you overcome any physical and mental obstacles holding you back.

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