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Book Editing

Make sure your book brings your best writing to light. With a professionally edited book, your writing will flow for the best readability and good grammar. Whether you are writing a self-help book, informational non-fiction, fiction, or children’s book, we are here to make it your best work.

Editing Process

We start by offering you a sampling of our service. When you send us your book, we are so confident you will love our services, we offer you a sample of our work. We edit the first 20 pages (approximately 5,000 words) for only $100 for Proofreading, $200 for Copyediting or $400 for Developmental Editing so that you can make sure we are the right fit for you.

We have a 5 day turn-around time for sample work, then the full book depends on the length of your book and the editing your choose.

Once you hire us for your full book editing, we will give you a word count and estimate for the cost and timeframe for the remainder of the book.


Editing Rates


Grammar editing, spelling, fixing writing mistakes.
Cost: $0.02 per word
(approximately $5 per page)


Micro editing that includes grammar editing, flow and sentence structure editing. Make your writing more eloquent.
Cost: $0.04 per word
(approximately $10 per page)

Developmental editing:

Macro editing that includes big picture, content editing, overall structure and copyediting
Cost: $0.08 per word
(approximately $20 per page)

Meet the Editor

Cortney Tarell is the Senior Editor for several online media websites including and She is an avid reader and lover of books. 

Her editing experience is vast from book editing to online article editing. Cortney provides basic copywriting as well as developmental editing where she can help your content to be more compelling and better flowing. 


Why Work With Us

We are a family owned and operated editorial, marketing and entrepreneurial company. We are focused on helping people get started in pursuing their passions and we focus on the marketability of your book. While our book editing speaks for itself, we give you a sample of our book editing services at no-risk prices to build your trust. Plus, we want to help you spread the word. Our marketing team can help you with your public online image and promotions to get the word out about your book. When you work with us, you join our family and have a team who is here to help you succeed.

Additional Services

Book Cover Design

Present your book with a professional design specific to your target audience. We do competive research and comparison covers and see what your audience is clicking on to bring more clicks to your work.

Book Marketing

We offer online marketing services to get the word out about your new book and to help you gain more traction on sales. We are experts in both services and products and will help with media, press, and amazon.

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