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Business Consulting & Education

Consult with a Professional Leader who can lead you on the road to success. Set the groundwork and plan of action, then put it into action.

Content & Book Editing

Work with our Editor-in-Chief who is an expert in content writing and book editing. We make sure your words flow with good sentence and paragraph formations and grammar.

Set up Your Website & Online Presence

We help you with a simple solution for building your website and online platforms that are best for your business type. 

Mass Online Marketing and Branding

Get the word out about your business through a multi-platform approach to build credibility and become an influencer. 

Turn Your Spark
into a Flame

Start up Business Consulting & Education

One on One Consultations

Work with entrepreneurial experts and jump start your business with advise from entrepreneurial leaders in our team.


Guidance Along the Way

We help you launch your new business, re-invigorate an exsiting buiness, or turn your ideas into reality. We give you the help you need for the short-term, then we stay with you for the long-term. 


Turn Your Passion into a Successful Business

Content & Book Editing

Professional Book Editing

Make sure your book brings your best writing to light. With a professionally edited book, your writing will flow for the best readability and good grammar. Whether you are writing a self-help book, informational non-fiction, or fiction, we are here to make it your best work.

Book Design & Layout

Present your book with a professional design specific to your target audience. We do competive research and comparisons and see what your audience is clicking on to bring more clicks to your work. 

Publish Your Best

Set up Your Website & Online Presence

Website Design

We’ll help you choose the best platform and solutions for your website, whether you are looking for DIY or Professional Help, our experts are ready to help you create the online brand presence you deserve.

Secure Hosting & Maintenance

There is so much more involved in hosting and maintaining a website with ongoing hacking attacks getting more vicious and targeting small U.S. websites. We are experts in the security of WordPress Sites and include the best security modules, manage your website through Cloudflare and provide Free Flexible SSL domains. 

Create a Beautiful & Secure Professional Appearance

Mass Online Marketing & Branding

Content Marketing

Content is still king, but with a million other people putting out content, you have to do it right. We are experts in SEO and content branding and will help you showcase your expertise.

Photography, Photo Editing & Graphics

We live in a visual world and the graphics and photos you use on your website, social media, marketing materials, book covers and other media, showcases your professionalism to the world. We can help make you more visual. 

Social Media

Keeping up with social media and knowing which platform to put your focus for various aspects of your business and marketing, can be a challenge. We can help save you hours of time with easy solutions. 

Video Marketing

Videos have become essential for showcasing your expertise, services and products. Whether you need a commercial type video, a personalized professional video, an interview style video, a video series, or short social media videos, our team makes you look good with professional videos at affordable prices. 

Mass Distribution

We have a mass distribution network in place to help you spread the word to 100’s of news and other media sites. Gain influencer status and credibility by boasting “as seen on (news sites)” 

Ad Campaigns

Facebook and Google Ads, if properly run and managed, can bring more clicks and notability. We save you time and money with our expertly managed campaigns. 

Expand Your Reach

Are you ready to take your creation and your passion to the next level?

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